802automation grew out of the realisation that the future of industrial and domestic automation depends upon communications between individual components just as much as the performance of each individual component. In fact the outcome is far more powerful than the sum of the individual components. The founders of 802automation bring together that rare combination of cutting edge enthusiasm with experience that can only be acquired from a successful lifetime working in this demanding industry. Their unique skill set has enabled 802automation to cherry pick the best solutions to integrate network technology, such as TCP, IP, dhcp, smtp, tftpi, http protocols with proven industrial control techniques and new web technologies such as svgi, XML and AJAXi.

802automation have exploited state of the art technology to develop the ubiquitous stand alone temperature controller to a point where it not only includes a web server and industrial strength modbusi server but is able to serve up fully animated graphic mimics to authenticated web browsers and SCADA systems worldwide. The very latest Power Over Etherneti (PoEi) technology provides users with the simplest of installations where one cable terminated in industrial standard RJ45i connectors provides both power and all communications. This simple integration opens the door to wireless connectivity and completely integrated enterprise solutions.

The company is located on the Sussex coast, an area which has already proven to be an incubator for world leading automation companies. 802automation is able to benefit from established local resources skilled in all aspects of automation. Easy access to London Gatwick and the channel tunnel shortens travel times to both national and international destinations.

Product overview
  • Webserver
  • Automatically Control
    • Heaters
    • Coolers
    • Humidity
    • Lighting
  • Power over Etherneti
  • Universal Input
  • Contact Output
  • New Linear Output
  • New Solid State Relay Output
  • New Autotune PIDi Control
  • AJAXi technology
  • Modbusi TCP/IP
  • Graph Plotting
  • Datalogging