What are Custom Pages?

A custom html page can be written in a standard editor and the file loaded into the web server's internal non-volatile EEPROM memory. This page is then displayed when the url follower by a / and the file name is entered in the browser address field. If the new file name is the same as an existing default filename then the new file in EEPROM will be displayed and the default file ignored. Uploading a file of zero length effectively deletes the EEPROM file and the web server reverts to the original file.
Index.html is special in that it is displayed if the url and no filename is entered. If a faulty index.html file is uploaded then unpredictable results will be seen in the browser. Other named files can be still be displayed by adding their filename to the url.

Custom pages are uploaded using Trivial File Transfer Protocol ( TFTPi )



Product overview
  • Webserver
  • Automatically Control
    • Heaters
    • Coolers
    • Humidity
    • Lighting
  • Power over Etherneti
  • Universal Input
  • Contact Output
  • New Linear Output
  • New Solid State Relay Output
  • New Autotune PIDi Control
  • AJAXi technology
  • Modbusi TCP/IP
  • Graph Plotting
  • Datalogging